Kori Odyssey Initiative

Purpose & vision

We envision a society in which everybody has access to a constantly healthy, clean and affordable drinking water.

Most of the current water challenges we face have technical solutions, however, it requires a specific integration to local socio-economic contexts to be sustained, particularly for vulnerable communities.

Kori Odyssey is developing and delivering tailored impactful water access programs: each drop counts!

What is Kori Odyssey?


With the combined pressure of global warming and increasing population, the world is facing a water crisis. Displayed through different symptoms in every region, remote and vulnerable communities are affected on various level: hygiene, agriculture, social and economic development, climate migrations…

Scaling up a one-size-fits-all solution for these challenges has proven a limited sustainable impact over communities. On the contrary, an in-depth understanding of local socio-economical models and social behavior on sustaining a water access service is critical.

The first ambition of Kori Odyssey is to facilitate the delivery of impactful and sustainable projects through grassroot ties in the communities suffering from the water crisis.

Kori Odyssey’s holistic view on the water challenges supports the co-development of complete ecosystems delivering water with a cooperative approach and a minimized
carbon footprint.