The Pacific Odyssey

The odyssey

Pacific Odyssey’s implementation

The first step of this Pacific Odyssey collects data to design a tailored and sustainable water access program. Based on the successful water access pilot program in Vanuatu, this will consist of meetings and workshops with the key stakeholders of region to design the outline of a ready-to-finance technical program.

Co-construction with all stakeholders from this early stage is critical to enhance local appropriation, boost regional dialogue, and raise awareness of the decision makers and operators.

The collectively designed program will hence take a holistic consideration of local social specificities and economic context to validate an appropriate operation and maintenance scheme for a sustainably operated solution on the long run.

To gather interests around this project and relate to local culture based on interaction with the Ocean, the Pacific Odyssey will use a sailing boat as main mean of transport, also minimizing environmental footprint.

Further to this first critical design and data collection phase, Kori Odyssey project along with the national water public authorities will present the program to the donors and financial partners and support the beneficiaries in the technical execution and monitoring of this program.

A sustainably operated solution on the long run