The Pacific Odyssey

The crew

Manu Jacolot

Boat Captain


From his breton background, Manu has had the luck to grow up with the sea. Sailing is for him not only an ecological mean of transport but also an incredible way of sharing human and environnemental values, of meeting the other diffently. Passionated about nautical activities, Manu is also strongly committed to raising awareness on the protection of the environment and access to essential services such as water.

Learning and sharing on the sustainable ways to produce and consume water in the the Pacific Islands is a wonderful adventure offered by Kori Odyssey approach. Let’s board with us for this adventure!

Baptiste Pouder

Logistic manager


Really young, Baptiste discovered the maritime world, and as far as he remember he always got his shot of seawater. Preserving this environment through ecology, sustainable development and education is for him an essential driver and the major challenge of the years to come.

Sailing accross the Pacific communities to discuss water access in isolated areas and investigating common solutions : here is an idea that makes sense
in view of global warming and sea level rise acceleration. It is now that we must act and jointly propose sustainable solutions in order to preserve
our blue planet and guarantee access to this vital resource for all.

Martin Bourillet

Project manager


Commercial engineer by training, Martin has always been driven by the will to contribute at his own scale to the reduction of social, economic and climatic inequalities. Working in the water sector for more than 7 years in Africa and Europe, Martin has been fully dedicated to the development of new sustainable water access solutions in the Pacific for the last 3 years.

We walked on the moon more than 50 years ago
and yet not everyone on Earth has safe access
to sustainable drinking water. Technological solutions exist but will only be relevant if they are adapted to local socio-economic contexts, if they are built by
the communities and for them. That is the goal of Kori Odyssey!