The Pacific Odyssey

Drinking water access challenge in he pacific

The Pacific Ocean, the largest on the planet, covers a third of Earth’s total surface. The South Pacific Ocean specifically counts about 30 000 islands,
22 countries and more than 40 million inhabitants at the heart of the global climate as well as the development and economical challenges. Scattered, remote and heterogenous area, the south Pacific Ocean has one terrible common challenge shared by all islands: the drinking water access.

The odyssey

The first step of this Pacific Odyssey is a data collection and a tailored program design phase. This will consist of meetings and workshops with the key stakeholders of the targeted areas.

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Program and boat

Departing from Papeete in French Polynesia, Kori Odyssey crew will sail accross 15,000 kilometers to meet the water stakeholders of the Pacific Ocean.

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The crew

They will leave at three for this odyssey. Manu jacolot, the boat captain, Baptiste Pouder, the logistic manager, and Martin Bourillet, the project manager. Their journeys and their aspirations.

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What is Kori Odyssey?

We envision a society in which everybody has access to a constantly healthy, clean and affordable drinking water.

Most of the current water challenges we face have technical solutions, however, it requires a specific integration to local socio-economic contexts to be sustained, particularly for vulnerable communities.

Kori Odyssey is developing and delivering tailored impactful water access programs: each drop counts!

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OSMOSUN initiates the operational phase of its Kori Odyssey program.

Chartres, February 29, 2024 – OSMOSUN®, a leading player in the solar-powered desalination of seawater and brackish water solutions, presents an initial assessment of its Kori Odyssey project: 3 small-capacity units installed, 8 in the process of installation, about ten similar projects under negotiation, an identified network of partners, recognized reputation, and the beginning of […]


Sujet 02 : Les Atolls face au réchauffement climatique

Nombre de phénomènes climatiques extrêmes sont maintenant relevés chaque année, avec souvent un dénominateur commun : le réchauffement climatique. Nous essayons ici de décrypter ses effets sur les îles et les besoins en eau dans le pacifique. Les Atolls face au réchauffement climatique   Le réchauffement climatique Face au réchauffement climatique, les Atolls du Pacifique […]


Sujet 01 : Les rejets de concentrats

Dans ce cinquième et dernier thème intitulé « Pour aller plus loin », nous nous penchons sur des sujets sur lesquels vous vous êtes et vous nous avez questionné. Aujourd’hui un sujet qui fait beaucoup débat sur les projets de dessalement : les rejets de concentrats. Les rejets de concentrats La production d’eau sursalée Un […]

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About us

Behind the initiative, Mascara New Technologies. The company specializes in innovative water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energy.

The first development phase resulted in the industrialization of OSMOSUN®, the world’s first industrial product range of seawater and brackish water solar powered desalination plants, with a daily production capacity ranging from 1 to 1000 m3 and up to 20 000 m3 with hybridized energy sources. For more than eight years, this groundbreaking patented innovation enables communities, public utilities and private organizations from the whole world to produce affordable and sustainable fresh water with no greenhouse gas emission.

To continue developing the water access program for remote islands and areas and offer sustainable systems and services, Mascara has launched in 2022 Kori Odyssey.

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